The Murder Room is a full-length mystery comedy by Jack Sharkey. 

This farce follows a scheming gold-digger who plans to rub out her wealthy husband, and seem to have succeeded all too easily, but has she? 

Filled with ridiculous slapstick comedy, cheesy one-liners and double-entendres The Murder Room spoofs the traditional "locked-room" murder mystery with mistaken identities, hysterical characters, fast paced action and witty, clever dialogue.

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Calling all budding thespians



St James Church Alnwick (upstairs)

7pm Thursday 4th April 2024

Everyone welcome, even if you couldn't attend the read through.  Great opportunity to meet new people, tred the boards, or even help back stage with props sound and lighting. We are an amazing club and would love to welcome new members.  

So come on have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.