Danny the Champion of the World - 2011

The play "Danny the Champion of the World" was adapted for the stage by David Wood from the original story by Roald Dahl.

The Theatre club was indebted to Alex Clark-Thompson for taking on the enormous role of Danny and coping with the need to be so many things - from naive, innocent and happy -go - lucky all the way through to a brave and courageous, principled lad. We also welcomed back Oliver Pusey in the role of Dad.

The director was Peter Biggers, assisted by Glenda Fricke and Lisa Gladstone. Lisa was also stage manager for this production.

Review - Northumberland Gazette

Alex Clark-Thompson did a fantastic job in the lead role of Danny. He showed all sides of the innocent yet courageous youngster and is a star to watch out for.

Oliver Pusey played a great Dad and the connection between the pair was well portrayed.

Tony Neale was a good mean Mr Hazel and Daniel Watkins and Gary Brown were suitably nasty gamekeepers.

The audience participation was also good and typically the mean men were booed.