Up 'n' Under

Tony Neale has previously appeared in acting roles for the theatre club, but this was his first venture for us as a producer. The play he decided upon was John Godber's "Up 'n' Under" which was first staged in 1984.

Lisa Gladstone was assistant producer. We welcomed a new member to the cast - David Paterson.

Review - Northumberland Gazette

Having seen many of Alnwick Theatre Club's previous performances I was looking forward to another comic routine which would leave me smiling - and I wasn't disappointed.

Julie McIntosh was a brilliant Hazel, putting the lads through their paces and showing them that girls can be as good as, and sometimes better than boys. Peter Biggers was fantastic as Arthur, who played as well as coaching, and proved he had what it takes to create a winning side. Gary Brown, who played teacher Phil Hopley, was also one of my favourites.

The best moment for me though was when the audience turned into the fans cheering and applauding their team, who managed to play a whole game on the Playhouse theatre stage.

The play showed real camaraderie and each and every member of the cast should give themselves a huge pat on the back.

Performing a whole play with only seven cast members is a major achievement.