Wyrd Sisters - 2012

When Director Daniel Watkins opted to stage "Wyrd Sisters" , he created a great opportunity for the theatre club, and at the same time attracted a number of new members to join us.

We welcomed Matthew Moss, Rose Danagher and Antonia Hoskins.

Daniel was also indebted to our brilliant backstage crew, including another new member (and co stage manager) Virginia Mayes-Wright. Tony Neale was technical producer.

Review - Northumberland Gazette

Choosing to perform Wyrd Sisters on the Playhouse stage was brave. But on the stage it was a courageous move which certainly paid off. Because the club conjured up an enjoyable show which produced performances that were well - magic.

Gary Brown was excellent as a bumbling weasly villain Duke Felmet. By contrast, his wife Duchess Felmet is the more dominant and wicked of the two and Clair Birbeck was effectively firm, nasty and ruthless giving her character real personality.

Helen Gee was delightfully over the top as playwrite Hwel. While Nick Lewis excelled as the Fool/Sergeant of the Guard.

Then there were the witches. Sally Miller had suitable presence as Granny Weatherwax. Jade Curran brought young witch Magrat Garlick to life and Philippa Mawer gave a solid performance as Nanny Ogg.

Director Daniel Watkins said the cast had been reading the novel to understand their characters, and this showed.

That said I do believe it was a brave choice, although one which yielded arguably the best club performance I have seen.