Sleeping Beauty - 2014

Our choice for the pantomime this year was "Sleeping Beauty" which proved very popular with our audiences.

It is an age old story of the fight between good and evil.Who will win this time?

Well with the help of a good fairy and the audience lets hope good can triumph over the dark forces of evil.

This production is packed with old and modern songs and jokes galore So come along laugh sing and enjoy.

It was produced and directed by Chris and Heather Howey. The choreographer was Joanne Burn.

Review - Northumberland Gazette

Enchanting, entertaining and at times very funny - this was Alnwick Theatre Club's latest pantomime. Oh yes it was!

In traditional panto style, the story is about the conflict of good versus evil.

On the one side is the good Fairy Lilac (Julie Vint) and her four young helpers. They spread good health and happiness throughout the Kingdom.

On the evil side is Bad Witch Hazel (Susan Joyce) and her minions who spread their evil by casting a spell on the Baby Princess Rose.

But, with the help of Prince Alexander (Helen Gee) there is hope that happiness can return to the kingdom of King Cactus (John Firth) and Queen Marigold (Fiona Cuthbert)

Trevor Hughes had the unenviable task of taking on the role of dame. But you know what, Hughes more than did his character justice.

For me, the stand out player was Joyce, with a fine performance as Bad Witch Hazel.

The panto was packed with music and I thought Vint coped with her solo pieces very well.

There were some good set pieces, in particular a place name sketch involving Fetch (Daniel Watkins) and Carrie (Lisa Gladstone). This was probably the funniest moment of the show.

Some of the slapstick moments came from Alnwick Theatre Club chairman Peter Biggers, playing Muddles. He did very well in the role of the lovable but simple, handyman.

Merryn Hughes gave a delicate performance as Princess Rose while Gee was charming, bold and dashing as Prince Alexander.

One of the highlights of the night was a dramatic dance routine by the talented Alnwick Academy of Dance.

Producers Chris and Heather Howey certainly created a slick production.