Pinocchio - January 2015

Our family pantomime this year was the tale of "Pinocchio" written and directed by Sophie Towers.

In the Village of Bon Gateo, an old Toymaker makes a wish that will transform his life.

The story of Pinocchio takes us from his humble beginnings in his father’s toyshop, to an adventure which tests the very heights of his humanity.

A love story, an adventure story and a comedy of errors makes Pinocchio the Panto a story for the ages.

Jimmy Dodds and Peter Lewis took on the roles of the Dame - Barbina Pasta, and her son - Jimmy Cricket, and were also Co - Producers. Stage Manager was Virginia Mayes-Wright

Review - Northumberland Gazette

The story is set in the village of Bon Gateo where an old toymaker, Gepetto (John Firth) longs for his own real life son.

His wish comes true when The Blue Rinse Fairy (Fiona Cuthbert) grants him the wish of a son Pinocchio (Helen Gee),but he must prove his worth to get his girl Penne Pasta (Lisa Gladstone). However he needs to contend with the dastardly Stromboli (Trevor Hughes)before he can become a "real boy".

No Alnwick panto would be complete without a duet from Jimmy Dodds and Peter Lewis,who happened to co-produce the show this year. Dodds who played Barbina Pasta , mother of Penne was in his element as the dame.

A particular stand-out performance for me came from Helen Gee, who managed to pull off playing a young boy while maintaining a spot on Yorkshire accent and she doesn't half have a good set of pipes on her - She was clearly the best singer of the lot.

Also a shout - out should go to Andrew Kane (Geordio) and Nick Lewis (Julio) whose comic performance had the audience in stitches.

But the star of the show has to be Domino the cat played by Pete Burrow.

This was a great evening out with jokes that were so cleverly written by Sophie Towers. Hats off to the Alnwick Playhouse lighting team and all the backstage crew. A final word for the chorus who helped give the show a kick in the right direction.